Discover a Piece of History: The Belvedere Christian Science Church Up for Auction

Discover a Piece of History: The Belvedere Christian Science Church Up for Auction


Nestled at 501 San Rafael Avenue, the Belvedere Christian Science Church stands as an iconic landmark, renowned for its rich history and distinctive architecture. And now, this extraordinary piece of real estate is up for sale and heading to auction, presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for potential buyers and history enthusiasts alike.

The church building was meticulously designed by the esteemed local architect, Charles Warren Callister, back in 1951. Construction was completed a year later in 1952, using vernacular materials that beautifully embody the essence of mid-century design. Its unique features serve as a seamless blend of the church's cherished past and its vision for the future.

Composed primarily of redwood, Douglas fir, concrete, and adorned with stunning stained glass, the structure takes on a captivating shape reminiscent of Belvedere Island's nautical character, paying homage to the early congregation's log cabin heritage.

Recently featured in The Ark Newspaper, the church's future has been a topic of interest. "With the 2023-2031 housing element adopted by the Belvedere City Council in January, officials have identified the 0.28-acre property as a potential site for five new housing units. However, "under the state's upzoning rules, which encourage increased density near job centers, urban areas, or public-transit hubs, the property could potentially accommodate up to ten units", offering an enticing proposition for developers and investors.

As this architectural gem prepares to change hands, it's an exciting opportunity to own not just a property but a piece of Belvedere's vibrant history. Whether you're a passionate historian, a real estate enthusiast, or someone eager to contribute to the community's evolution, the Belvedere Christian Science Church auction is an event you won't want to miss.

According to The Ark Newspaper, the sale will be handled by San Rafael-based brokerage Meridian Commercial.

Photos from the Multiple Listing Service, 2023


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