Celebrating Excellence

Celebrating Excellence

In a recent announcement by the California Department of Education, three Marin schools have been recognized as California Distinguished Schools for 2024. Del Mar, Kent, and Mill Valley middle schools stand among 293 secondary schools statewide to receive this prestigious honor. This recognition underscores their commitment to academic excellence, equity, and fostering inclusive learning environments.

Del Mar Middle School

Del Mar Middle School, part of the Reed Union School District, has been acknowledged for its outstanding performance in English and math, accelerated growth for historically underserved groups, reduced suspensions, and high graduation rates. Superintendent Kimberly McGrath expressed her pride in the school community, acknowledging the dedication of students, staff, and parents. Principal Chad Stuart leads the school, continuing a legacy of excellence established in previous years.

Mill Valley Middle School

The recognition of Mill Valley Middle School, within the Mill Valley School District, reflects a relentless dedication to academic excellence, growth, and inclusivity. Superintendent Elizabeth Kaufman highlighted the collaborative efforts of the entire school community in fostering an environment conducive to learning. Principal Danny Chui leads the school, building upon a rich history of past achievements.

Kent Middle School

Kent Middle School, under the leadership of Superintendent Raquel Rose and Principal Grant Althouse, has also earned distinction for its commitment to academic and social development. Superintendent Rose acknowledged the collective efforts of teachers, support staff, and administrators in supporting student success. Kent Middle School's consistent recognition over the years underscores its enduring commitment to excellence.

The selection process for the California Distinguished School Award involved an analysis of data reported in the 2023 California School Dashboard, an online accountability system measuring performance and progress against state standards. This year's methodology emphasizes academic achievement, growth, and closing the achievement gap among socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

The designation as a California Distinguished School is a testament to the ongoing dedication and hard work of Marin's educators and school staff. It symbolizes a commitment to preparing students for success in college, careers, and life beyond the classroom. The middle schools will proudly display their awards for the next two years, affirming their status as beacons of educational excellence.

As Marin celebrates these achievements, the upcoming awards ceremony on May 3 provides an opportunity to recognize the contributions of secondary educators and school staff statewide. Superintendent Tony Thurmond commended their efforts in guiding young adults toward fulfilling their potential and accessing opportunities for future success.

To view the full list of honorees, click here.

Let us join in celebrating the remarkable achievements of Del Mar, Kent, and Mill Valley middle schools as they continue to inspire excellence and make a positive impact in the lives of students and communities across Marin County.


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