Larkspur, California




Mount Tamalpais, Bay & Canyon Views


Larkspur is one of the most charming towns in all of Marin County. Centrally located, Larkspur is situated between Sausalito and San Rafael. With Mount Tamalpais to the west and the San Francisco Bay to the east, residents of this cheery community enjoy urban and rural amenities.

Larkspur Landing is home to Marin's main ferry terminal, making the commute to San Francisco's Financial District a breeze for locals. The Marin Country Mart, an open-air shopping and eating complex, attracts many ferry goers with its modern village vibe, unique shops, restaurants, and family-friendly events. Larkspur has a scenic downtown that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The main street, Magnolia Avenue, is lined with small boutique shops and an assortment of fine restaurants. 

Larkspur's hidden gem, Madrone Canyon, has winding trails and waterways leading up the side of Mount Tamalpais through the towering redwoods and majestic oaks. Three well-known public parks, Piper Park, Centennial Park, and Remillard Park, offer plenty of outdoor activity with various soccer fields, picnic areas, tennis courts, softball fields, children's playgrounds, a freshwater marsh, and a wildlife sanctuary.

Although development has filled most vacant land, many citizens took a firm stand on tree preservation. A strong sense of community is felt throughout Larkspur as many residents express a shared passion for ensuring the protection of the town and surrounding areas. Part of unincorporated Greenbrae is inside the city limits of Larkspur, so you'll also hear that town's name frequently referred to when visiting Larkspur.


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The architectural styles of Larkspur trace the story of Marin’s development over the years. 

Styles range from Victorian to California Craftsman, Mission Revival, California Bungalow, and New England Tudor style.

Regardless of if you wish to live in a modern or historic home, the quaint community of Larkspur makes the perfect place to call home.

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Affordability & Real Estate Insight

In 2020 72 single-family homes were sold, ranging in price from $450,000 to $4,825,000. 11 of these homes sold off the market.16 condominiums also sold in 2020, ranging in price from $450,000 to $2,000,000. Views of Corte Madera Creek, Mt. Tamalpais, Big and Little King Mountains, and Northridge make for some of the most coveted pieces of real estate in the Larkspur community.


Home to some of the best schools in the area, the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District is a significant advantage to living in this community. With a nationally recognized school district, residents enjoy the many benefits of having a top-notch local school system.


Over the years, residents were drawn to Larkspur because of the creek, the tall redwoods, and hillside views. Homes were built, creating distinctive neighborhoods in its canyons, creek banks, and on its slopes with views of Mt. Tamalpais. The downtown began as a cluster of Native American villages replaced by lumber mills, livery stables, and shipping docks. It evolved over the years, first to ranch lands and hillside vineyards, then to local hardware and grocery stores. Restaurants and boutiques gradually replaced butchers, bakers, and bars. Remarkably, nearly all of Larkspur's early downtown buildings continue to survive today. For more than a century, the route now known as Magnolia Avenue was the only available north-south travel route between Sausalito and the mission in San Rafael.