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Life in Fairfax

Fairfax is an eclectic, progressive, family-oriented, and environmentally conscious town. Home to approximately 7,500 residents, many locals are dedicated to preserving the community's unique small-town values, sustainability, diversity, and environmental stewardship. Fairfax is centrally located in Marin County, approximately 15 miles north of San Francisco, and features outstanding outdoor amenities like mountain biking. A vibrant downtown, excellent schools, and an enviable climate make this community a charming choice for those looking for a relaxing environment. This town has the same vibe that nearby Mill Valley had in the 1960s and 1970s.

Fairfax is also home to The Meadow Club, a private golf club designed by Alister MacKenzie, a famous early 20th-century golf course architect.

Fairfax Architectural Styles 

Fairfax has a myriad of delightful homes that were former summer cottages. Now converted to single-family homes, many of the quaint structures are located along winding tree-lined lanes. 

Whether you are looking to relocate or simply upgrade your lifestyle, Fairfax makes for a delightful place to call home. The community is also one of the more affordable places to live in Marin County.

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Affordability & Real Estate Insight

In 2020, 94 single-family homes sold for a median sale price of $1,100,000. The sold homes ranged in price from $465,000 to $2,425,000. Out of the 94 homes sold in 2020, 11 were purchased off-market.  


The Ross Valley School District is an elementary school district (grades kindergarten through 8) serving the central Marin communities of San Anselmo, Fairfax, and Sleepy Hollow. The district includes four schools: Brookside Elementary School, Manor Elementary School, and Wade Thomas Elementary School, which serve kindergarten through 5th grade. White Hill Middle School serves children in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. All schools have the California Department of Education's APIs rating over 890, and all schools are ranked at a nine or better on the statewide ranking system. Most Ross Valley graduates attend Sir Francis Drake High School in the Tamalpais Union High School District, although some elect to participate in either Redwood or Tamalpais High Schools. Sir Francis Drake High School has grades 9 to 12 and an API rating of 856, ranking a 9, all with thriving athletics and sports programs.


The fascinating history of Fairfax begins with the Coastal Miwok tribes, who occupied stretches of land along the many creeks and springs. In 1839, as part of a Mexican Land Grant, this area was given to Domingo Sais. Marin's first and most beloved physician, Dr. Alfred W. Taliaferro, settled in the area and later transferred his property to a Scotsman named Charles Snowden Fairfax. This was how the town's name came to be.

Fairfax experienced gradual growth, and in 1876 the residents of Fairfax were granted a school district. After the turn of the century, the town expanded significantly and was introduced to modern development. The land was subdivided, the Fairfax Incline Railway was created, and in 1917 the Alpine Dam was built. With the modernization movement, there came an influx of people. Fairfax was incorporated in 1931 and slowly grew in popularity.  During the 1960s, Fairfax was a  haven for musicians, artists, political activists, and those disillusioned with urbanization and modern American society. Many of these people moved to Fairfax permanently, and the culture that persisted during that time can still be felt here today. Fairfax's rich history has established one of the most creative, progressive, yet down-to-earth communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some historians claim that Marin's 1960's and 1970's redwood hot tub era started in Fairfax.