Corte Madera




Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco Bay


Tucked away, 12 miles north of San Francisco, Corte Madera is a charming blend of contrasts. With wooded hillsides and bay land waterways to cozy residential neighborhoods and upscale businesses – Corte Madera offers diverse landscapes and recreational activities. The community is within hiking, biking, and driving distance of some of the most beautiful vistas in the western United States. Wildlife preserves like Corte Madera Ecological Reserve, Shorebird Marsh, and the Ring Mountain Preserve are minutes away from upscale shopping centers such as The Town Center and The Village – providing an adventurous yet convenient lifestyle.

Corte Madera is comprised of several different neighborhoods, each with a distinctive personality. The west side of town is positioned near Mount Tamalpais, whereas the east side hugs the bay shoreline.  


The architectural styles found in the Corte Madera community often reflect the diverse landscapes in which the homes reside. 

Styles range from contemporary modern structures to older ranch-style homes, rustic cottages, and charming Victorians. 

Whether you are seeking a home perched on the hillside with a magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay or a home in a hidden lagoon with coastal views – Corte Madera has a plethora of properties to choose from if you know where to look. 

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Affordability & Real Estate Insight

In 2020 95 homes sold in Corte Madera, ranging in price from $820,000 to $3,650,000. 16 of those sales were off-market sales. 35 condominiums sold ranging in price from $606,250 to $1,549,000.


Home to some of the best schools in the area, the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District is a significant advantage to living in this community. With a nationally recognized school district, residents enjoy the many benefits of having a top-notch local school system.


Corte Madera, meaning 'cut wood' in Spanish, is historically relevant to the area's development. During the rapid growth of San Francisco, the land around Corte Madera provided both redwood and oak timber to support the rapid growth of early San Francisco. As the trees started disappearing from the hills and canyons, the area evolved into a farming and ranching community. With tidal waters coming up into where the post office is now, many homes and businesses were located on the west side of the highway at elevations above the tideline. Post-WWII population pressures prompted the filling in Corte Madera's historic tidelands, enabling the east side of the town to grow into a thriving residential community.